Union Looking Back for Dec. 7, 2012

Philolectian meeting

Mrs. A. T. Caine was hostess for the Philolectian Friday afternoon. Yellow chrysanthemums in tall vases were used as the decorations. The meeting was a current events program in charge of Mrs. C. E. Chase and Mrs. George Green and a delightfully profitable and interesting afternoon was enjoyed. Among the topics were: Airshops of Germany, Causes of Divorce, Production of Life by chemical means, Fire Prevention Day, The Balkan War, Modern Surgery, New Uses of Electricity, American Employers, etc.

– 100 years ago, Dec. 4, 1912

Santa Claus visits here next week

What promises to be the best day in Anoka is Wednesday, December 8th, when Santa comes to town. Let’s hope there’s snow for his “reindeer” next Wednesday. The business men of Anoka have engaged Jay Gould’s Holiday Festival for that day and a special urgent invitation is given to every person, big and little, fat or skinny, short or tall, old or young, to visit Anoka that day. There’s going to be a Santa to greet the children, a Second Story Man (on stilts); Yo-Yo, a policeman clown, to direct traffic and take the job away from Chief Melberg for a few hours or so.

– 75 years ago, Dec. 1, 1937

Effects of abandoning Rum River dam under study

How Anoka would be affected should the Rum River dam be taken out and not replaced is presently under study by city and consulting engineers.

The water above the dam has been lowered some six feet to study the effect this has on the watertable of other surrounding bodies of water, silt accumulation, how it affects property along the river and to help determine the esthetic value the dam holds for Anoka.

– 50 years ago, Nov. 30, 1962

Ramsey to get county library branch

Ramsey has finally realized one of its wishes.

By February, the city of Ramsey and surrounding communities will have a branch of the Anoka County Library within its borders, a long-awaited and hoped-for community facility. A similar facility for Andover will also opening 1988.

– 25 years ago, Dec. 4, 1987

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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