Letters to the editor for Dec. 7, 2012

Fire victim is thankful

To the Editor:

On Aug. 29 our house in Ramsey burned down.

I am thankful that my daughter in law Katrina woke up wondering who was having a bonfire in our back yard.

I am thankful that we all made it out alive.

I am thankful to the police officers who came to our home, thanks Brad and Jerrod.

I am thankful to the firefighters who came and tried to save our house.

I am thankful to the firefighter who went in when it was done and tried to find my wife’s purse; sorry the first one was not the right purse, thank you for going in until you found the right purse.

I am thankful for the neighbors who were there to support us in this terrible time.

I am thankful to the Red Cross who showed up and found us a place to sleep and some money to buy clothes.

I am thankful to all the friends and family who came and helped us pick through some of the rubble.

I am thankful that we are able to rebuild our house and stay in Ramsey.

So please do not use old planters to put out cigarettes, they are full of peat moss and will burn. Please give to the Red Cross; you never know how much you need them until you do.

I am thankful that our family will be able to have a roof over our head this holiday season and this spring. We will be back in Ramsey.

Timothy A. Burns

Thanks to Connexus

To the Editor:

Good job.

We want to thank Connexus Energy for sending a team out to the east coast to help clean up after Sandy.

We have friends and neighbors that have relatives and friends that live out there.

We are so proud of you.

Neil and Shirley Karpe

Money buys election

To the Editor:

The editorial cartoon in the Nov. 12 StarTribune depicts Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson sitting in his election night trophy room with his super pac score card registering “zero” in his quest to elect his favorite 2012 candidates, despite his multimillion dollar investments. Too bad for the national ticket.

But right here in Coon Rapids our own “Sheldon Adelson” act-alike has indeed succeeded. Once again, we have a local example of the “best election that money can buy.”

Harold Hamilton, longtime scrappy opponent of Anoka County Commissioner Dan Erhart, has finally spent enough money from his vast fortune to take down the 30-year incumbent.

Hamilton has long sought the demise of Erhart, who boasted during the campaign that he is the one deserving of re-election, based on “delivering results” – like the Northstar Commuter Rail, new Hanson bridge/Highway 10 interchange, improved Main Street (CSAH 14) and Bunker Lake Boulevard, welfare-to-work initiatives, public safety enhancements and job training programs.

Of course, Hamilton can merely fly over all these sink-holes of tax dollars in his private plane, so he has never been in favor of any improvements that make life easier for the rest of us.

As a supporter of Erhart for all those years and because I’ve always believed, as he does, that keeping Anoka County open for business and building a middle class are progressive, transformative objectives, I was amazed at the amount of money Hamilton was willing to spend to put a stop to such advancements.

Every household in Commissioner District 7 received several pre-election mailings advancing the candidacy of Scott Schulte as “A Champion for Anoka County Taxpayers” and claiming that Erhart has grown “out of touch” after 30 productive years in office.

This was followed by an expensive, prime time TV spot during Monday Night Football Nov. 5, detailing the same diatribe.

The mailings and TV spot all indicated in fine print that they were “An independent expenditure not approved by the candidate, nor is the candidate responsible for it. Paid for by Harold Hamilton – Taxpayer…” with an address in Andover, whereas he lives in Coon Rapids.

These mailings and TV buy had to cost Hamilton multiples of $10K.

We can only hope that when Schulte delivers lower county taxes for his political mentor and bankroller, Hamilton will live long enough to at least get back in tax savings an amount equal to his investment.

After all, a solid return on investment is always the goal of the rich, investment class. We peons may just save a buck, too, in the process of Anoka County’s future backpedaling and downsizing.

The problem with having the rich use their personal super-pac methods to bankroll local candidates is that we will never know when those successfully elected, pre-paid appraisers open their mouths to speak at county board meetings, whether it’s the local “Sheldon Adelson” speaking, or the grateful mouthpiece.

So much for good government. Anoka County Watchdog Hamilton wins another influential seat to put in his trophy case. That should make us all rest easy.

Let’s pray that Scott Schulte’s “common sense” and “real world experience” as a “small business owner” saves us all a bevy of tax dollars so we, too, can one day enjoy the good life of The Watchdog as we Nuevo-riche buy some elections of our own.

Roger Johnson
Coon Rapids

Study not discredited

To the Editor:

Dan Rebek in his “Conclusions were false” letter of Nov. 9 states that Bryan Lindquist (newly- appointed parent to the District 11 Anti-bullying/Anti-Harassment Task Force) “…chose to spread faulty, false and inflammatory conclusions about the now discredited Regnerus study.”

Well, guess what? The Regnerus study on children raised in same-sex households has not been discredited. Just because someone doesn’t like the conclusions, doesn’t make them false nor does it discredit the study.

In fact, the Regnerus study — that showed greater instability and greater harm to children in same-sex households than households with a mother and father — is the best study of its kind to date.

This study by Mark Regnerus (a gifted and highly respected scholar from the University of Texas) was published in June 2012 in the peer-reviewed journal Social Science Research and stood in sharp contrast to the low-quality, deeply-flawed research done previously on the question of same-sex parenting.

It drew immediate criticism from gay activists who criticized Professor Regnerus as being “anti-gay.” Regnerus became the target of vicious attacks by those who disagreed with the study results.

In response, the university launched an investigation to see whether Regnerus was guilty of “scientific misconduct.” By the end of August it concluded that there was no misconduct whatsoever.

The soundness of his research, as well as his reputation and standing as a scholar and teacher, was vindicated. Case closed.

Regnerus’ political adversaries realized that a lot was at stake in his research conclusions, so they attacked him personally and professionally.

Dan Rebek appears to be doing the same thing to Bryan Lindquist.

Rebek makes the false and libelous accusation that Lindquist “…has engaged in a pattern of derogatory sexual orientation-based harassment…”

And where is the evidence for this? There is none. Rebek simply disagrees with Lindquist’s point of view.

Rebek is pushing to have Mr. Lindquist removed from the task force simply because of Bryan’s Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality — beliefs that Rebek disagrees with.

Disagreement is not harassment. Rebek says that keeping Bryan on the committee “sends a chilling message to our community.”

On the contrary. It is Rebek’s anti-Christian comments that send a chilling message to our community.

Barb Anderson

Honored to serve

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Coon Rapids and Champlin for electing me as their Minnesota House of Representatives member in 36A.

I am very honored to serve you.

This is an awesome responsibility in these difficult times. As nayor of Champlin I have worked hard to represent our city on various important issues.

I will do the same for Coon Rapids.

I will work in a bi-partisan manner to avoid gridlock and get legislative work done. We will move forward to improve our economy, keep our cities good places to live and make good fiscal decisions at the Legislature.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and represent you at the state Legislature.

Mark Uglem

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