A lower levy for Oak Grove has one more scheduled meeting stop

The Oak Grove City Council has inched closer to approving a final levy for 2013, hearing little crowd noise at a public hearing Nov. 26 for a new year’s proposal with a levy that would drop by 8 percent.

In September, council passed a preliminary general fund levy of $2.18 million for next year, down from the 2012 levy of $2.32 million, and appears to be headed toward a final general fund figure of $2.11 million. Staff is planning for a general fund budget of $2.51 million in 2013. Building permit fees are one expected source for greater non-tax revenue next year, to continue a trend from 2012.

The city’s scheduled debt service will rise by about $10,000, to $213,179 for next year, to pay down bonds that were issued in 2007 for a new public works building and city hall improvements which included new carpet and handicapped accessibility.

Taxable market value is expected to fall in 2013, from $190,300 for an average home to $183,300. That home should see a drop in annual city taxes of about $40 (excluding any changes from the county, school district or other tax authorities).

Anoka County lists Oak Grove as having the third lowest tax rate of 20 cities and townships, higher than only Ham Lake and Nowthen.

The council will vote on a final levy Dec. 10. A second regularly scheduled meeting for the month would have fallen on Dec. 31, and has been canceled.