No general pay increase for county workers

There will be no general pay increase for non-union Anoka County employees, including department heads and division managers, nor for elected officials in 2013.

The Anoka County Board Nov. 27 adopted a resolution setting 2013 compensation for non-union county employees and elected officials.

Under the resolution, the pay of county board members will remain at the 2012 level, $59,945.

But the county board members do get in addition an expense allowance with a cap set by a 2004 resolution in lieu of seven-county metropolitan area mileage and other unreimbursed business-related county expenses.

The Anoka County Attorney’s salary will remain at $141,000 and the salary of the Anoka County Sheriff will stay at $132,355.

But while non-union county employees don’t get a general adjustment, they will be eligible for a performance-based increase based on a minimum “satisfactory” rating on their performance review, according to Cevin Petersen, division manager for finance and central services.

That wasn’t true in 2012 when there was neither a general pay increase nor a performance-based increase approved by the county board, Petersen said.

The preliminary 2013 budget approved by the county board in September – the board is scheduled to act on its final tax levy and budget at its Dec. 7 meeting – includes 2 percent for each non-union employee for a job performance increase, he said. But the decision on who receives a performance increase and who does not rests with the county board’s Management Committee.

The resolution approved by the county board does not apply to union employees, whose pay and benefits are governed by collective bargaining agreements with the county.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]