County plans more reconstruction on Viking

Another reconstruction project is planned by Anoka County on Viking Boulevard (County State Aid Highway 22).

Next year, the county will upgrade 1.23 miles of Viking Boulevard from 1,365 feet east of University Avenue to Highway 65.

There will be no change from the existing two-lane road, but the bituminous surface will be replaced by concrete with grading, aggregate base, concrete surfacing and drainage.

According to Doug Fischer, county highway director, the east part of the project area near Highway 65 is very swampy and because of the soils will require “mucking out” and full-depth concrete pavement as the replacement surface.

Where the soils are in better shape to the west, the four inches of asphalt will be removed and replaced by six inches of a concrete overlay (whitetopping), Fischer said.

But he said the project will require that stretch of Viking Boulevard to be closed during construction.

The engineer’ estimate for the project cost is $5.2 million with the county picking up $3.5 million and Metropolitan Council Environmental Services $1.7 million.

The county’s share is part of its budget for 2013 and will come from the road and bridge levy, Fischer said.

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services is contributing to the project cost because it needs the road improvement for its sewer and water main construction work in East Bethel, according to Fischer.

The Anoka County Board Nov. 27, on the recommendation of its Public Works Committee, approved a resolution authorizing the acquisition of right of way for the project.

Fourteen parcels may be impacted, but it is anticipated to be in the form of minor temporary easements and small permanent drainage easements with minimal expense, according to information presented to the county board.

“We seem to have been doing work on Viking Boulevard the past seven or eight years,” Fischer said.

The earlier projects put down an asphalt surface through mill and overlay, but projects in the recent years have used the concrete whitetopping option as the cost difference between asphalt and concrete has narrowed significantly, he said.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected]