Petition presented to oust member of District 11 anti-bullying task force

A petition to oust anti-bullying task force member Bryan Lindquist was presented to Anoka-Hennepin District 11 School Board members during the open forum portion of the board’s Dec. 10 meeting.

Lindquist, a conservative Christian, is one of 26 members of the task force, a group of District 11 parents, students, staff and faculty members appointed in mid-October to help the district shape policy on school climate.

The anti-bullying task force, one that mirrors the diverse population of Anoka-Hennepin School District boundaries, was established as part of the consent decree that resulted with the district settlement of  a federal civil-rights law suit back in March.

School Board Chairman Tom Heidemann last month spoke about the selection of task force members.

“We looked for a broad, cross-section of people for this task force,” Heidemann said. “We have GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) parents, conservative Christians, Jewish, parents of special needs students, doctors, the county attorney for juvenile crime… It’s pretty broad.”

School Boardmember Mike Sullivan said last month he is a proponent of the people on the task force. “It’s critical to have opposing points of view,” he said.

Lindquist, a member of the Parent Action League (PAL), has come under fire due to statements he’s made that indicate a belief that homosexuals can change their sexual orientation and that the district should distribute information about gay conversion or “reparative” therapy.

The online petition (found at states, “Remove Bryan Lindquist from your taskforce because if you look at his record, he is an anti-equality activist who has described homosexuality as a ‘lifestyle choice’ and who was the primary proponent of promoting ex-gay therapy in the school.”

Speaking in support of Lindquist, Tiffany Strabola said during the Dec. 10 open forum, “Bryan Lindquist is deeply committed to protecting all students from bullying.”

Strabola then spoke of the irony of bullying demonstrated by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community.

“Bigot, gay-basher, hater… That’s what the LGBT community labels those who oppose them,” she said.

Jefferson Fietek, a theater arts teacher at Anoka Middle School for the Arts, spoke during the Dec. 10 open forum in support of removing Lindquist from the task force.

Fietek said that Lindquist’s statements and behavior clearly demonstrate harassment against LGBT students.

“This appointment is a clear violation of the district’s anti-bullying policy,” Fietek said.

The petition was presented to board members by Melissa Thompson and has some 2,462 signatures, she said, many from around the country and even overseas.

It appears, however, that only a couple of dozen petition signees are residents of the Anoka-Hennepin School District boundaries, according to a count of the online petition.

Speaking in support of the task force, Laurie Thompson said, “The members are from a diverse background. Let everyone appointed remain and get their work done.”

The anti-bullying task force has already met a couple of times in meetings that are closed to the public and to the media.

As is standard policy in regard to issues presented during open forum, school board members did not respond to the petition or take any action at its Dec. 10 meeting.

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  • melissa thompson

    The petition was signed by 2,462 people with 2,039 from in around Mn. That’s rougly 82%. I never said anything about “overseas” as you falsely claim. I provided 6 copies of my testimony to the board as well as the 77 page petition and the entire audio of public testimlny was captured by several sources and will be made public as well despite the boards attempts to suppress the facts. I ask that you correct the record.

  • N Oway

    A bigot is a bigot Melissa. These people don’t care to get it. We just simply live in a town full of bigots with the blood of these kids on their hands… Keep up the fight.