Software switch in Oak Grove

Oak Grove will save an estimated $6,000 in annual payroll processing costs for years to come with a switch to new software.

After starting a new contract with Banyon Data Systems for finance software earlier in 2012, the city now will also implement Banyon’s payroll software to replace Oak Grove’s relationship with Paychex that was in place since 2009.

Currently, city employees have performed data entry for payroll information and Paychex staff has completed the work off-site.

City Administrator Rick Juba told the Anoka County Union that Banyon’s software is “much simpler, straightforward” compared with the Paychex product which offers “more than we need.”

Oak Grove will pay $5,650 for the new software, but only about $800 in annual support fees under its Banyon contract.

AEM Financial Solutions of Minneapolis will install the payroll software and train city staff on its use for an extra $1,000 cost.