Ramsey man accused of threatening driver in neighborhood with gun

A Ramsey man is facing two felony charges after allegedly threatening a driver in his neighborhood.

Patrick Michael Buckley, 26, was charged Dec. 3 in Anoka County District Court with second-degree assault and terroristic threats.

According to the criminal complaint, Buckley threatened a woman who had parked outside his 6151 Rivlyn Ave. home, while her fiance delivered a vehicle to a neighboring home Nov. 30 around 6:30 p.m.

The woman alleged a man, later identified as Buckley, came out of the house and yelled at her to leave the area.

After she responded through the open car window that she would be leaving shortly, Buckley allegedly swore at her, went back into home and shut off all the exterior lights.

But she saw him come back out of the house and alleged she saw a flash of what looked like a long barrel of a firearm.

The woman said she hear a cocking sound and saw Buckley allegedly raise the firearm into shooting position after which she quickly left the area as she was frightened he would shoot her.

The woman’s fiance, who was standing in the neighbor’s driveway, alleged he saw her drive away and heard a popping sound, similar to a BB gun or a paintball gun.

When officers arrived to talk to Buckley, they saw multiple long guns in the home, include a BB gun by the back door, according to the complaint.

In his post-Miranda statement, Buckley allegedly admitted to yelling at people outside his home, but denied taking a firearm outside.

Buckley’s next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 2.

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