City of Anoka to lease space for local business dumpsters

With downtown Anoka businesses lacking space for garbage disposal, the city will now be leasing spots for dumpsters.

The Anoka City Council is in the midst of approving a long list of lease agreements and will for the first time in 2013 be charging for use of that city space.

Until now, many of those businesses have been able to put those dumpsters on city property without paying a fee.

In 2013, the city will charge the equivalent fee of an annual parking permit to have the dumpster. At $195 per spot, anticipated revenue for the city could be as much as $2,165.

Main Floral and MaGillycuddy’s already have dumpsters in the parking lot behind city hall. Another screened dumpster that serves multiple businesses is on the parking lot next to Beerbelly’s.

The city is also expecting similar leases with the restaurants on the north side of Jackson Street near city hall, as well as two more potential agreements with businesses on the south side of Main Street, according to City Planner Erik Thorvig.

When the council first considered the issue, Anoka resident Pat Walker contended that the city was giving landlords an out by not being required to provide garbage space for their tenants.

“It takes accountability away for property owners to provide room for garbage,” said Walker. He compared it to parking spaces, which downtown property owners are not obligated to provide.

But the council disagreed and is moving ahead with multiple leases for dumpster space.

Last month Councilmember Mark Freeburg said the city should do what it can to help businesses be successful. Things have changed since the downtown as built 140 years ago when there wasn’t a need for dumpsters, he said. Now people are throwing away a lot more stuff, according to Freeburg.

“I don’t see any problem with helping these people with their garbage and charging them for it,” Freeburg said.

Mandy Moran Froemming is at [email protected]