Two men facing burglary charges after entering Ramsey garage

Two 18-year-old Coon Rapids teens are facing felony burglary charges in Anoka County District Court after breaking into a Ramsey home.

Anthony Michael Nehmzow, 18,1508 103rd Ave. N.W., and Bruce Robert Kelly, 2657 106th Lane N.W., were charged with first-degree burglary Nov. 27.

According to the criminal complaint, a homeowner had got up to get a glass of water around 3 a.m., looked out the window and saw a suspicious dark colored pick-up truck.

The man allegedly saw the passenger get out of the truck and slide under the attached garage door of a nearby home on the 14700 block of Neon Street.

According to the man, the passenger, later allegedly identified as Nehmzow, was in the garage a short time and returned to the truck.

Officers located the truck about a block away and identified Kelly as the driver.

When officers talked to the owner of the home where Nehmzow allegedly entered the garage, the man said he and his girlfriend had been sleeping and heard nothing.

During a walk though the garage, it was discovered that the garage service door had been propped open with a laundry detergent bottle and footprints, not belonging to the homeowner, were seen in paint overspray on the garage floor.

In his post-Miranda statement, Kelly said he agreed to drive Nehmzow around, allegedly looking for open garage doors.

Kelly alleged he drove with Nehmzow jumping out to check for unlocked cars or open garage doors.

Nehmzow was allegedly looking for garage door openers inside the vehicles in order to get into the garage and steal items.

Kelly said the Nov. 26 incident was the second time in four weeks he had helped Nehmzow, according to the complaint.

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