Ramsey City Council adopts final 2013 levy, budget

The Ramsey City Council has approved its 2013 property tax levy that is 4.95 percent less than this year, while its 2013 budget will be 6.69 percent more than 2012.

The overall levy, which was approved unanimously Dec. 11, will be $7,998,213, $415,585 less than 2012, while the budget was unanimously set at $10,293,837, $645,762 more than 2012.

Although the budget has increased for 2013, the city’s tax capacity remained relatively the same at 44.19 percent, said Finance Director Diana Lund.

The levy includes $7,248,829 for the general fund levy, a debt service levy of $644,918 and an Economic Development Authority levy of $104,466

The biggest difference in the budget is the capital funds, said Lund.

There is an additional $1 million in the budget for road reconstruction, she said.

The budget also includes $463,000 for capital equipment, including three police cars, a plow truck, a mega mower and the purchase of a fire truck, which was budgeted in the 2012 and 2013 budgets.

The 2013 budget also includes an increase in consulting costs.

The building inspection contract will be increasing by $48,100 and the city will be spending $15,000 for a joint fire services consultant.

City personnel costs make up approximately 56 percent of the general fund,

The city plans to add an engineering technician in 2013 as well as a economic development and Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) manager, Lund said.

The manager will be funded through the EDA, HRA and tax increment financing, she said.

But the city does not plan on refilling the deputy city administrator, city clerk, public works director/city engineer, the fire secretary, a police officer and part-time building maintenance positions, she said.

The city also reduced how often it will send out the city newsletter to save $20,000.

Ramsey will be sending information flyers in the utility bills to supplement the newsletters, Lund said.

The council also approved the EDA levy of $104,466, a decrease of 38.5 percent and the HRA levy of $187,268, which was a decrease of 49.2 percent.

The median home value in the Ramsey is at $140,713 and the net city taxes, after the market value homestead credit exclusion is applied, are $1,400, said Lund.

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