Union Looking Back for Dec. 21, 2012

He answers the question

Several weeks ago the writer was in Minneapolis and happened to meet John Coleman, Superintendent of the Anoka asylum, on the street, whose pockets were filled with thread, needles, ribbons, straw, tatting, crochet hooks and many other articles. Of course, curiosity was excited and pressing Mr. C. to tell what was a big man buying such articles for, it was learned that the superintendent had given much thought upon the question. “How can the lady patients in the Anoka institution be given employment or work that would relive the monotony of their dreary life?”

– 100 years ago, Dec. 18, 1912

The Playshop in a favorite holiday play

The seven famous Ruggles children and their mother will once again tread the boards Friday evening when the Community Playshop’s holiday offering will be presented at the high school. “The Birds’ Christmas Carol” became a universal favorite many years ago, first as a story and then as a play, and the Ruggleses are almost as familiar as Tiny Tim in Christmas lore. They will be portrayed Friday evening by a group of young troupers including Junior Ridge, Lowell Mason, Lois Lindgren, Priscilla Herbold, Fred Ghostley, Norman Hammes and Alice Moberg, with Mrs. Ronald Babcock in the fold of their vigorous Irish mother.

– 75 years ago, Dec. 15, 1937

Anoka asks not to be included in Metropolitan Sewage District

Anoka asked Tuesday to be eliminated from the Metropolitan Sewer District “unless definitely proven” that it would be to the city’s advantage to be included.

Anoka’s statement of policy regarding the Governor’s Metropolitan Area Coordinating committee studying the metropolitan sewage disposal problem was submitted to that group at a meeting at Blaine school.

– 50 years ago, Dec. 14, 1962

Anoka gives conditional approval to new Greenhaven lease

The off-again-on-again relationship between the city of Anoka and two brothers who want to operate the Greenhaven Clubhouse is apparently on again, according to a decision made by the Anoka City Council Monday, Dec. 14.

– 25 years ago, Dec. 18, 1987

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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