Walmart working on final plat

Community Development Director David Carlberg Dec. 11 gave the Andover Planning and Zoning Commission a brief update on the Walmart development.

According to Carlberg, Walmart is in the process of completing its final plat and revising its traffic plan based on comments from the Anoka County Highway Department. It received approval from the Coon Creek Watershed District, but not the permit.

Carlberg said the final plat may come before the Andover City Council in January or February.

Staff conducts an internal review of the building appearance to make sure it meets the minimum commercial standards, which this proposed Walmart does, Carlberg said.

Commissioner Lynae Gudmundson asked if city staff had heard any feedback from Walmart regarding the business hours decision.

Walmart proposed a 24/7 store, but that was not allowed on land in the general business zoning district, on which the former Pov’s Sports Bar site it is building is located.

The council on a 3-2 vote Nov. 7 revised the city code to allow establishments in business areas such as the general business zoning district to be open 24/7 between Nov. 15 and Jan. 1, but not during the rest of the year.

The commission had a different viewpoint. It voted 4-2 vote Oct. 23 wanted to allow continuous hours of operation the entire year.

“We haven’t heard anything in the negative on this,” Carlberg said. “I’m sure they’re disappointed, but no discussions have occurred since the ruling was made on that change.”

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