Calling the Coon Rapids city hall options

Options have been added for people calling the city of Coon Rapids’ main phone number of 763-755-2880 at the Coon Rapids City Center.

Callers are now directed to press the following keys to be directed to:

• 1 water and sewer billing.

• 2 building inspections.

• 3. directions to city hall.

Office hours are also included in the message.

According to City Clerk Cathy Sorensen, these new options seem to have routed many calls through without having the receptionist answer them directly, allowing for more time to perform other duties.

The options were put in place so that the recently-retired part-time receptionist did not have to be replaced and seems to be working extremely well, Sorensen said.

Citizens sometimes complain when they receive a voice mail recording rather than a person once they get to their destination, she said.

This has always been the case because at busy times it is not possible to answer every call, for example, utility billing which will receive more than 20 calls an hour at busy times and there are only two people answering and researching those calls, according to Sorensen.

“It is best to dial direct numbers rather than going through the receptionist,” Sorensen said.

Peter Bodley is at [email protected].