Stables to remain at Bunker Hills Park

No change has been made by the Anoka County Board in the operation of horse riding and related services at Bunker Hills Regional Park.

On the recommendation of its Parks and Recreation Committee, the board has been ratified a five-year agreement with Bunker Park Stables, Inc., Hugo, through Dec. 31, 2017.

Riding stables have been part of the amenities at Bunker Hills Regional Park for more 30 years and Bunker Park Stables has run the operation since 1996, according to John VonDeLinde, county parks and recreation director.

“Bunker Park Stables has done an exceptional job,” VonDeLinde said.

With the current agreement with Bunker Park Stables, Inc. terminating Dec. 31, the county issued a request for proposal (RFP) for horse riding and related services at the regional park in September, according Parks Operations Manager Jeff Perry in a memo to the Parks and Recreation Committee.

The RFP was sent to nine stable operators in the region, seeking the best qualified vendors to meet the county’s ongoing needs, Perry wrote.

Bunker Park Stables was the only vendor to submit a proposal, which was comprehensive and met or exceeded all of the RFP’s requirements, he wrote.

According to VonDeLinde, services to the public offered by Bunker Park Stables, Inc. range from hayrides, carriage rides, trail rides, horse riding lessons and horseback riding and outings for individuals and groups, as well as sleigh rides in the winter.

Under the agreement, county responsibilities include mowing the property that the stables operation uses in the park and maintaining the parking lot.

Bunker Park Stables, Inc. is responsible for the horses, the buildings its uses and all other aspects of its operation, VonDeLinde said.

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