Letters to the editor for Jan. 4, 2013

The rest of the story

To the Editor:

In his recent letter, Roger Johnson draws an analogy between a StarTribune political cartoon depicting a billionaire activist (Sheldon Adelson) reviewing a scorecard on the elections he “bought” and a local activist (Harold Hamilton), doing the same right here in Anoka County.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Johnson ignored another StarTribune cartoon depicting George Washington proudly boasting “I cannot tell a lie,” with a supporter in the background whispering…”You don’t have to……your Super PAC will do it for you.”

My purpose is to shine light on what the Mr. Johnsons of the world never tell you: the rest of the story.

Look no further than the PAC (political action committee) ironically named Citizens for Responsible Government.

This Anoka County PAC spent thousands of dollars on campaign signs and mail attack pieces to “buy” back control of the Anoka County Board for none other than former Commissioner Dan Erhart.

Who were the electoral targets of the PAC you ask Commissioners Robyn West and Matt Look.

Although the PAC failed in its attempt to defeat Ms. West and Mr. Look, it was part of a team that fulfilled a mission to “buy” the Ramsey mayor and city council seats.

Had the PAC spent as much time promoting Dan Erhart as it did in targeting his county board colleagues, he might not be on the outside looking in.

But don’t worry, Citizens for Responsible Government is here to stay! It has sworn to double its efforts to target and defeat every day Anoka County residents who it refers to as conservatives.

I wonder why Roger Johnson is not outraged by the activities and “big-spending” ways of the PAC? I wonder if the players behind the PAC are of the nueve-riche class by which Mr. Johnson refers to himself? Find out for yourself…research the PAC.

It is rumored that Super PACs funded by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s ex-wife, unions and the like, spent in excess of $250,000 each to defeat Sens. Benjamin Kruse and Pam Wolf. As a matter fact, many of these mailings contained blatantly false information. One can only wonder why Roger Johnson is not condemning these expenditures?

Roger Johnson has a double standard. Apparently he feels expenditures made in favor of his chosen candidates and political affiliation are OK, but is noticeably annoyed when every day [conservative activists] Americans respond by supporting candidates of their choosing.

Fear not. Like the PAC Citizens for Responsible Government, every day Anoka County residents are here to stay! Our voices have been heard over succeeding elections…just look at the Anoka County Board. It is the model for good government.

Dave Morrell

Honored and humbled

To the Editor:

I wish to thank the residents of Coon Rapids, Blaine and Spring Lake Park who elected me to represent them in the new 37A legislative district.

I am  both honored and humbled by your outpouring of support.

It was indeed a great pleasure to meet so many of you at your doorstep over the past six months.

Campaigns can be long and grueling, but I enjoyed door knocking because it provided me with the opportunity to listen to your concerns and hopes for the future.

Many of you gave me good ideas as to how we can work more effectively to move Minnesota forward to a brighter future for all.

Elections are a team effort, so I especially want to thank my family and my campaign team for their hard work and dedicated support

Jerry Newton
Representative-elect 37A

Gun control not answer

To the Editor:

On April 20, 1999, Columbine High School, America experienced the first of a series of horrific, violent acts. The random massacre of many innocent strangers, killed by a young American.

On that horrible day, everyone scratched their heads in disbelief, asking “Why?” Every few years since, something similar happens, and we again ask “What’s going on?”

Now, just days before Christmas 2012, the worst, most unimaginable violence has happened in America. Twenty innocent, beautiful children killed by a deranged young person.

Once again, we ask “Why?” I find it sad that our media, our president and our so-called experts can only come up with one answer. Better gun control. (Let me say, I don’t own a gun and I really don’t care to.)

Gun control may help, but it’s surely not the answer. To me, blaming the weapon and not the cause is silly.

Rapists commonly use knives. Let’s ban knifes? People get attacked with baseball bats. Let’s ban those?

The real question needs to be… what is different today from when these horrible things just didn’t happen, when a higher percentage of kids actually owned their own hunting guns? Guns have been around long before any of us.

Instead we should ask, “What’s going into the brains of our young people today that says violence is acceptable? Violence is fun? Violence is the way to win and go out in style? What’s different in America? What’s changed in the last 20 years, let alone since the 1950s when the the worst behavioral problem in most schools was tardiness and chewing gum?”

Now we lock the school doors and have metal detectors. Here is my question, and the one I wish our president would ask. Why are we so quick to trample the Second Amendment with stricter gun control, but God forbid we touch the First Amendment?

The First Amendment will prevent us from ever really making the changes needed to stop the violence and cure the cancer in our society. It’s the one that may ultimately be our Achilles heel.

It’s time to face the real problem. The elephant in the room. The crap that’s messing up the minds of our youth today that didn’t 20 years ago.

It’s time to control the ultra violent video games and movies we are saturating their brains with. Most of us would be truly shocked, appalled and very, very sad if we saw some of the movies and video games available to kids today.

But our heads are deep in the sand because we are blindly protecting the First Amendment.

When will our leaders, experts, the movie industry and the video game industry realize the truth. That young minds are sponges and if we fill the sponge with violence, that is what will get squeezed out under pressure.

Kelly Gothier

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