Union Looking Back for Jan. 4, 2013

Personal and social

Uncle Dave Hewitt is still confined to his bed.

Mrs. James Lemon was in Minneapolis Monday.

Miss Vera Peck spent the holidays in Minneapolis.

F. E. Dimmick of St. Paul, was in Anoka Christmas.

Miss Ada Norell is home from her school at Coon Lake.

Miss Katherine King of Duluth spent the holidays in Anoka.

– 100 years ago, Jan. 1, 1913

Anoka homes brilliant in holiday dress

Again during the Yuletide season the city of Anoka was dressed in festive colors. But this year more than ever, the residents of the city were lighted and dressed for the occasion. The most beautiful and attractive decorations seen were those of Mr. and Mrs. Kiewel on the lawn of their new home on South Ferry street. Six brilliantly lighted small trees against the background of the white house with colored lights shining from the windows was the setting for the scene while a few yards from the house a large tree was artistically draped with solid blue lights in the shape of a bell.

– 75 years ago, Dec. 29, 1937

U.S. Army Engineers to begin marking public fallout shelters

A team of specialists from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will arrive in Anoka county soon to begin marking selected buildings as public fallout shelters. The engineers recently completed a nationwide survey designed to determine which buildings can provide protection from deadly radio-active fallout in the event of enemy attack. The next step in the program is now to post signs on these potential shelters.

– 50 years ago, Dec. 28, 1962

Airport zoning stirs confusion in Ramsey

If confusion is catching, there’s an epidemic in Ramsey.

The apparent confusion among many people in Ramsey stems from the controversial airport safety zoning ordinance that was adopted by the council earlier this year.

– 25 years ago, Jan. 1, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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