Argument over vacuum leads to domestic violence charges

A 35-year-old Ramsey man is facing three domestic violence charges after an argument over a vacuum cleaner.

Mark Kennedy Heurkins was charged Dec. 14 in Anoka County District Court with felony terroristic threats, felony domestic assault by strangulation and misdemeanor domestic assault.

According to the criminal complaint, officers were called to assist a woman at a home on the 16700 block of St. Francis Blvd. around 11 p.m.

Someone calling 911 said he heard a woman was allegedly being threatened by Heurkins and he was choking her.

When officers talked to the woman, she alleged that it was an argument over a vacuum that turned physical.

She alleged Heurkins threw her on the bed and choked her to the point were she had difficulty breathing and saw stars.

She alleged while he was choking her, Heurkins threatened to kill her.

According to the complaint, the woman refused to give a taped statement to the police, spoke to an Alexandra House representative and demanded Heurkins not be charged.

Heurkins’ next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 14.

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