Open house on four county highway projects

An open house on four Anoka County highway construction projects planned in Coon Rapids this year will take place Wednesday, Jan. 16, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., in the council chambers at the Coon Rapids City Center.

Three of the projects are intersection improvements and the other is closing off an intersection on Coon Rapids Boulevard.

There will be no formal presentation at the open house.

Instead, staff from Anoka County and the city of Coon Rapids will be available to receive comments from those attending and answer any questions they may have.

The three planned intersection improvements are:

• Round Lake and Coon Rapids boulevards.

• Northdale and Crooked Lake boulevards.

• Coon Rapids Boulevard and Springbrook Drive.

The county has received federal money to pay a portion of the cost of all four projects, according to Curt Kobilarcsik, county engineering program manager.

The balance of each project’s cost will be paid by the county and the city, which will be spelled out in separate joint powers agreements for the projects between the city and the county.

The work at Coon Rapids and Round Lake boulevards, for which the county has received $367,200 in federal funds with a total estimated cost of $407,000, will involve installing a new traffic signal and restriping.

There are currently dedicated right- and left-turn lanes on all legs of the intersection so no channelization work is required, said Doug Fischer, county highway engineer.

That’s not the case at Northdale and Crooked Lake boulevards, where the project will involve not only installing a new signal, but construction of dedicated right-turn lanes on all legs of the intersection extending from 117th Lane N.W. to Bittersweet Street N.W. on Northdale and from the railroad tracks to 117th Lane on Crooked Lake Boulevard, according to Fischer.

Right now, the through lanes are also right-turn lanes at the intersection, Fischer said.

The project will create separate through and right-turn lanes, he said.

However, there are currently dedicated left-turn lanes on all legs of the intersection, Fischer said.

The planned scope of the project will require taking right of way, possibly from as many as 11 parcels, he said.

The county has received $550,800 in federal dollars for this project, which has a cost estimate of $610,800, according to Kobilarcsik.

New traffic signals are planned at Coon Rapids Boulevard and Springbrook Drive.

According to Tim Himmer, city public works director, the left-turn lane from westbound Coon Rapids Boulevard to southbound Springbrook Drive will be lengthened and a median will be constructed on Springbrook Drive south for 200 feet for left-turn channelization.

For this work, a federal safety grant of $459,000 has been received with the total project cost estimated at $509,000, Kobilarcsik said.

The other project will close left-turn access by extending the median at Coon Rapids Boulevard to 100th Avenue, an entrance to Lilli-Putt Entertainment Center, an office building and Al Flynn Park.

Right-turn access from Coon Rapids Boulevard to 100th Avenue will remain.

The federal grant received for this work was $91,600, which is more than the estimated cost of $72,000, Kobilarcsik said.

However, federal regulations require a 90-10 federal-local split of the project cost, so not all of the grant will be spent and the balance has to be returned, he said.

Three of the four projects are scheduled for construction this year; the Springbrook Drive-Coon Rapids Boulevard intersection improvement is set for 2014 construction, Kobilarcsik said.

Postcard notices of the open house have been to all property owners within a half-mile of the four project locations, according to Kobilarcsik.

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For questions on these projects contact Curt Kobilarcsik, county highway department engineering program manager, at 763-862-4223 or email [email protected].

The Coon Rapids City Center is located at 11155 Robinson Drive N.W.

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