SLP approves mold remediation for liquor store

Work is moving ahead to fix the problems at the Central Park Liquor store.

The Spring Lake Park City Council unanimously voted Jan. 7 to award a $34,500 contract to Legacy Service Corporations to remediate the mold problem in the city-owned store.

The Ramsey company will be removing all existing wallpaper, gypsum board and insulation on the west wall, south wall and the entire ceiling area of the liquor store to remove and clean off the mold.

After disinfecting the impacted areas, Legacy workers will be sealing the area with an antimicrobial coating, according to Barry Brainard, city code enforcement director.

All of the cleaning will be done using HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) techniques.

Once rebuilt, the walls and ceiling will be painted using anti-microbial paint, according to Brainard.

The work will begin after the roof top heating/cooling unit, conventional furnace and duct work has been replaced, which was approved by the council Nov. 25, 2012 and is expected to begin this month.

All of the work will be done outside regular business hours, Brainard said.

Funding for the mold remediation project will come from the liquor store note, he said.

The note will be paid back through liquor store revenues.

“They are also working with the League of Minnesota insurance property claims to determine the potential amount of insurance coverage that the city could receive for the project,” Brainard said.

Although the insurance only covers water damage and not mold removal or prevention, it is possible the city could receive up to $10,000, he said.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]