Appointments to Coon Rapids commissions

The Coon Rapids City Council Jan. 7 made appointments to its various advisory boards and commissions.

But there are openings on “just about all the commissions at this time,” said Mayor Tim Howe.

Howe asked city staff to make a list of all the openings and advertise them in the media.

“Some commissions are more taxing than others,” he said.

Councilmember Paul Johnson encouraged people interested to apply “so we can fill up our commissions,” he said.

A commission application can be downloaded from the city’s website at or people can phone the city manager’s office at 763-767-6493 for an application.

Appointments made by the council were:

• Arts Commission: Reappointed Lewis Anderson, Elaine Stulc and Jim Ulwelling to three-year terms. Cindy Bornetum, Kristin Shields and Jennifer Stone did not seek reappointment.

• Board of Adjustment and Appeals: Reappointed Jeanette Rosand and Aaron Vande Linde to terms expiring Dec. 31, 2015.

• Civil Service Commission: Al Hofstedt was reappointed to a term which expires Dec. 31, 2013.

• Historical Commission: Robert Powell and Ron Wendel were reappointed to three-year terms.

• Parks and Recreation Commission: Reappointed to three-year terms were Tim Arntson, Michael Jacobsen and Gen Sand with John Angell appointed to a term expiring Dec. 31, 2015. Steven Head did not seek reappointment.

• Planning Commission: Cedric Lattimore, Wayne Schwartz and Julia Stevens were reappointed to terms expiring Dec. 31, 2015. The council named Jennifer Geisler as chairperson.

• Safety Commission: Al Hofstedt, Amit Sirsikar and Jeffrey Abraham were reappointed to terms expiring Dec. 31, 2015. Sean Novack did not request reappointment.

• Sustainability Commission: Reappointed to three-year terms were Robert Krahn, Pamela Foster and Dave King. Gabriel Routh did not seek reappointment.

Recommendations for appointments to the Charter Commission will be made in March, according to City Clerk Cathy Sorensen.