Coon Rapids resident has new ‘Free Dog’ CD

Musician Jesse Anderson, a longtime resident of Coon Rapids, has released his third CD “Free Dog.”
ArtJessePictured  are Anderson’s son Jesse Jr. and his dog, Stoli, featured on the front of the album cover.

The CD features original, easy-listening music composed and performed by Anderson.

The title “Free Dog” comes from the repartee he and his son, Jesse Jr., partook in when he moved to Milwaukee, Wis., and his dog, Stoli, would awaken him every morning at about 4:30 a.m. to be let outdoors. The routine involved Jesse Jr. calling his dad and, as a joke, asking if he wanted a free dog.

Cost for the CD is about $9. Available through iTunes, Amazon Music and all major online music services. For more information, contact Anderson at [email protected]

Photo courtesy of Jesse Anderson