Stroebel is new Dist. 16 School Board chairman

Spring Lake Park District 16 School Board has a new chairperson.

John Stroebel
John Stroebel

John Stroebel, who has been serving on the board since 2006, was elected as chairperson by his fellow board members at a Jan. 8 meeting. Prior to being elected, Stroebel had served as vice chairperson of the seven-member group for three years.

“I’m honored to have been nominated and voted in,” Stroebel said in an interview with the Life. “It’s a group of people I’m honored to be a part of and serve in that way.”

Stroebel will take up the leadership where former board chairperson Colleen Vranish left off, he said, and with no major changes planned.

Under Stroebel’s leadership, the board will continue to work on district building improvement projects planned to address a projected growth in enrollment of 20 percent in the next eight to 10 years. The board will continue to monitor the recently implemented 1:1 technology initiative, placing digital devices into the hands of most every student, and it will continue to examine the budget ensuring the district is being “good stewards of the dollars the public has provided for education,” Stroebel said.

Before serving on the school board, Stroebel was a member of the Facilities Utilization Task Force. He volunteered to help pass a 2006 bond referendum and he was a member of the Strategic Framework Advisory Committee.

“I think the board is in a good place right now,” Stroebel said. “I hope to keep it on a good trajectory.”

In her 10th year as a board member, Vranish had served in the role of board chairperson for five years. This year she was elected to serve as vice chairperson.

In addition to Vranish being elected to serve as vice chairperson, Kelly Delfs returns as clerk and Jim Amundson was elected treasurer. Marilynn Forsberg will serve as board parliamentarian.

Board officers are elected by board members at the start of each calendar year.

Stroebel has been a resident of Blaine for 22 years. He works as an engineer at CVRx, Inc., a medical device company. He is married to his wife, Susan. They have four children, one who has graduated from the SLP school system. The three other children are currently enrolled in District 16.

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