Lance took us for a ride

Over the last week we’ve all learned that Lance Armstrong can be added to the ever-growing list of cheaters.

Jason Olson
Jason Olson

Of course I was one of those cheering for him against the other top cyclists in the world to pound out each pedal up the side of a mountain each July in France.

I didn’t believe the news about the doping and how he would stop at nothing to deny accusations for the better part of a decade.

Now comes word that all of that success, after overcoming prostate cancer, goes for nought.

There is no explanation for what he did, even more so for the lives of his perceived teammates and their familes he ruined for speaking out against him.

Among all of the stories and columns and talking-heads giving their two-cents, ESPN’s Rick Reilly’s column sparked something for me.

Armstrong conned the world into thinking he was the greatest cyclist ever. That was myth as much as the denials now.

Reilly stood by Armstrong  because real proof of doping was non-existent and how adament Armstrong was in denying any allegations.

As he wrote: “‘He’s clean.Put it in columns, said it on radio, said it on TV. Staked my reputation on it.”

Now Reilly, in addition to anyone else who was naive enough to believe someone’s word, might have to do even deeper investigations whenever the next super-human feat comes along.

Armstrong passed more than 500 drug tests, before and after races, spontaneous testing and other forms to find the truth.

But they never did.

How does the old line go – just because everyone else is doing it, so should I.

That doesn’t work at my 11-month-old daughter’s daycare and certainly doesn’t work in the real world.

Apparently cycling was beyond real life for Armstrong who now might face real life for the first time in a while, away from the constant admiration of fans. I was pulled in just as Reilly was and purchased a few of the Livestrong bracelets after two family members lost battles to cancer.  Can there be separation between the many positives of Livestrong or is that also tainted in the syringes and vials of his blood?