Two men face felony charges after leaving trail in Ramsey burglary

A call about two suspicious men and a trail of items strewn in the road led Ramsey Police to two Fridley men who are now facing felony charges.

Randal Anthony Daher, 40, and Travis Richard Otto, 34, were charged in Anoka County District Court Jan. 14 with third-degree burglary and theft by take/transfer movable property without consent.

According to the complaint, someone had called police Jan. 13 about two suspicious men wearing black hoodies in the locked parking garage of Rivers Bend Apartments, 13929 St. Francis Blvd.

The men, later identified as Otto and Daher, were allegedly looking into parked vehicles and the men were seen leaving the garage carrying a large bag.

When officers arrived, they saw a Pontiac Bonneville leaving the parking lot at a high rate of speed.

As they followed, they saw items, including compact discs, a compact disc player, black hats, gloves and hoodies, in the road that appeared to have been freshly thrown there, according to the complaint.

The owners of the two vehicles broken into reported missing compact discs, a diaper bag and a compact disc player.

When officers stopped the Pontiac, Daher was identified as the driver and Otto the passenger.

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