Life Looking Back for Feb. 1, 2013

District 16 board reviews cooperative educational vocational venture proposal

The Board of Education of School District 16, at a special meeting Jan. 9, reviewed the concept of a Cooperative Educational Vocational venture with other schools in Anoka County.

This would mean that schools that have outstanding programs in industrial arts and office training, would expand their outstanding program and become a center for vocational education for boys and girls. This concept is being projected by the State Department of Education.

– 40 years ago, Jan. 19, 1973


Ordinance drawn up to prevent vehicle traffic on Laddie Lake

It has yet to become official, but an ordinance for keeping snowmobiles and ice sailing vehicles off Laddie Lake in Blaine has been drafted.

Joyce Twistol, Blaine city clerk, drew up the ordinance following the installation of an aerator, meant to prevent winter kill of fish, in Laddie Lake. According to Twistol, the Department of Natural Resources laid down specific safeguards for the lake once the aerator has been installed. Among the safeguards are the specifications there will be sufficient posting of no snowmobile signs on the lake, and the requirement of enforcement of the measure, which prompted the writing of the ordinance.

– 30 years ago, Jan. 21, 1983



A proposed expansion for the police station is being considered by the Spring Lake Park City Council.

The proposal includes a 3,620-square-foot addition on the west end of the Spring Lake Park Community Center, with an existing 800 square feet to be remodeled.

– 20 years ago, Jan. 22, 1993


• Compiled by Kelly Johnson