Spring Lake Park OKs preparing plans for three sewer lining projects

Three more sections of Spring Lake Park’s sanitary sewer system will be lined this year.

The Spring Lake Park City Council Jan. 22 unanimously approved ordering the preparation of plans for sewer lining on Able Street between 81st and 83rd avenues, 83rd Avenue between Able and Tyler streets and 81th Avenue between Terrace and Able streets.

The project will line approximately 4,265 feet of 12-inch pipe at an estimated cost of $156,800, said Assistant Administrator Dan Buchholtz.

Plans for each project will come back to the council in February or March for approval, Buchholtz said.

This is the cheapest and best way to bring the 1961 sewer pipes back up to grade, said Councilmember Bob Nelson.

This is the second year of the lining project, said City Administrator Barb Nelson.

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