Ramsey hires consultant for Riverdale Drive extension project

With a tight deadline facing the city to complete plans for the Riverdale Drive reconstruction and extension, the Ramsey City Council is hiring outside help.

The council unanimously approved Jan. 22 hiring engineering consultants Hakanson Anderson to prepare plans and specifications for the project. Under a grant agreement with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT), the construction contract has to be awarded by June 30.

The consultant contract has a not-to-exceed amount of $29,600.

The $2,891,500 road project will reconstruct and extend the two-lane Riverdale Drive from Armstrong Boulevard to Traprock Street, south and parallel to Highway 10.

Once project is completed, it will eliminate access to Highway 10 at Alpaca Street and change the access at Traprock Street to a three-quarters intersection.

The council Jan. 8 unanimously approved accepting a $702,000 Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) grant.

The remaining balance of the project will be paid for using $1,466,000 in Municipal State Aid, $202,500 from the sewer fund and $521,000 for water fund.

The city will be paid back through water and sewer connection charges.

For the last two months, the city’s engineering department has been devoted exclusively to the project, but to complete the plans to meet the MnDOT grant deadline, hiring a consultant is best, said City Administrator Kurt Ulrich.

Staff has completed the project management plan and work hour estimate and has nearly completed the second design phase, he said.

While the amount of the contract in fine, he is disappointed the city has not hired an engineering technician yet, who could have helped with the plans, Councilmember David Elvig said.

“If we had a tech on board, we would have less money going out,” he said.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]