New Oak Grove city official’s suggestion for lower EDA pay resisted

Raising an issue that his colleagues had discussed Nov. 13, 2012, newly-elected Oak Grove City Council member Sean Sullivan asked the council Jan. 28 to consider again reducing monthly salaries for its dual work as the city’s Economic Development Authority.

As mayor and also for his role of chairing EDA business, Mark Korin receives a monthly salary of about $500 from the city, including $107.50 for the EDA work. The four council members each receive $95 for their roles on the EDA, part of close to $435 total per month.

Councilmember Mike Wylie had called for a vote last fall to consider cutting each of the positions’ salaries by more than half.

He agreed last week to join a new discussion. “I believe since we’ve got a new council, we can make a quick discussion,” Wylie said.

Korin disagreed, noting the officials who had voted down Wylie’s proposal – including the mayor and Councilmembers Dan Denno and Scott Lawrence – were still sitting there.

“This is a dead issue as far as I’m concerned, Sean,” Korin said.

Sullivan asked City Attorney Bob Vose if he could get something documented to eliminate the pay for only Sullivan’s EDA position.

Vose said that he did not think so.

Lawrence suggested to Sullivan that he could determine what he might owe in taxes on the EDA pay, retain that amount and donate the balance back to the city or to another cause if he wished.