Union Looking Back for Feb. 15, 2013

Birthday surprise

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stewart was invited out to a chicken-pie supper, Thursday evening. Shortly after supper word reached Mr. Stewart that a real estate man was at the house and wished to see him. Upon entering the house, he found a jolly party awaiting him. The occasion was his 51st birthday anniversary and he was given a handkerchief shower, each guest bringing one. Games and music were enjoyed during the evening. Sandwiches, pickles, cake and coffee were served. A most delightful evening was enjoyed. The guests numbered 25.

– 100 years ago, Feb. 12, 1913

Car crashes into Witte drug store

Mrs. Oscar M. Olson, wife of Sheriff Olson, came mighty close to a serious accident Saturday night. Their car was parked near the corner and Sheriff Olson had turned the switch off and had it in second gear. It was cold, and Mrs. Olson turned on the switch. The car moved a little, and the engine started. It went directly towards the Witte store entrance, and broke one big pane of plate glass and a smaller pane in the entrance. Fortunately it didn’t strike the steel pillar on the corner.

– 75 years ago, Feb. 10, 1938

Municipal Band reunion Monday

The annual reunion of the Anoka Municipal Band was held Monday evening at Greenhaven, with about 60 musicians, former musicians and guests in attendance. Herbert Lee, chairman of the event, presided and read several letters from former members who were unable to attend the banquet, including one from Ed Marander of Clermont, Fla. Bandsmen from Cambridge, Osseo and Minneapolis were among those attending.

Mr. Lee was re-elected chairman of next year’s reunion and he appointed the following committees: Percy Morse, arrangements; Oscar Sell, invitations; Fred Knodt and Morris Johnson, program.

– 50 years ago, Feb. 8, 1963

St. Francis debaters bring home another state trophy

Something of a tradition returned to St. Francis High School Feb. 6.

Debaters Kim Hirsch and Diane Warring brought home another Minnesota State Championship debate trophy to add to their school’s collection.

– 25 years ago, Feb. 12, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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