Union Looking Back for Feb. 22, 2013

Appropriation made

The appropriations bill passed the national house yesterday by a big vote. This bill among the many items that aggregated millions, included $50,000 for a post office at Anoka to be erected on the government site at the corner of Main and Third. Exclusive announcement of this appropriation first appeared in the Union.

The appropriation means that Anoka will have a federal building, and the thanks of Anoka people are due Senator Knute Nelson and Representative Clarence B. Miller.

– 100 years ago, Feb. 19, 1913

New residences

Three new residences in Anoka are nearing completion. Peter Lindstrom’s new home on North Ferry street is framed and the roof on. The new home of Benj. O’Neil at VanBuren and Third is also enclosed and most of the siding is on. Art Anderson’s new home on Rice street is ready for enclosing, the framework being all up.

– 75 years ago, Feb. 17, 1938

Dog arouses family as gas seeps into home

The five-year-old canine pet of the Sherman Benson family may have saved them from asphyxiation by gas Sunday night.

Benson said he first became perturbed when their dog, Trixie, got sick about 10:30 p.m. in their home near Constance. After the family went to bed, Trixie began raising a fuss in the utility room and the oldest boy, Glenn, 12, said something was wrong with the dog.

Suspecting that Trixie was about to become a mother, Benson tried to call the veterinarian.

His wife, Louise Francis, passed out, and the children, Glenn, 12, Chris, 11, Bruce, 6, and Sheri, 4, all began getting sick to their stomachs.

– 50 years ago, Feb. 15, 1963

Nord’s Cafe owner hopes to redeem cafe site

When the last operators of a restaurant at the old Mobil truck stop on Highway 10 crept out of town in the middle of the night a couple of months ago, the kitchen was not closed for long. Today, next to Nord’s used car sale lot, stand Nord’s Cafe, the potential savior of the old truck stop most recently known as Vera’s.

– 25 years ago, Feb. 19, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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