Life Looking Back for Feb. 22, 2013

Inn-to-It Lounge granted license by Blaine council

After a two hour, heated discussion by three members of the Blaine City Council, and pleas by Douglas Driggs, operator of Inn-to-It Lounge and his attorney, the council on a two to one vote, granted licensing of the club. (Councilman Don Knoll was absent due to the death of his father and Councilman Bill Seifert has resigned.)

The 3.2 club’s operation has created interest and controversy since the application for the first of 1972, when stipulations were added to phase out the topless go-go girls.

– 40 years ago, Feb. 9, 1973

Westwood access discussed

There was some concern expressed over access or lack of access, as the case would have it, to Westwood Elementary School at the Spring Lake Park school board meeting Tuesday.

The School Board has been asked by the City of Blaine to indicate their position relative to pedestrian and vehicle access into Westwood School.

The concern is prompted by Westwood having only one access road into the school and the danger and problems involved if the school was unable to be evacuated in case of an emergency.

– 30 years ago, Feb. 11, 1983

Steady growth

Some time ago, when the city of Blaine was more of an open space, businesses came to the area with the expectations of being left alone, to be hidden away from a litany of regulations.

The as the city developed, so did the controls and regulations placed on businesses. Such things as outdoor storage, fire codes and architectural controls created a tension between the business community and city hall.

– 20 years ago, Feb. 12, 1993

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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