Ham Lake approves overlay contract

The Ham Lake City Council unanimously awarded the contract for the city’s 2013 bituminous overlay project to Midwest Asphalt Corporation.

Contract cost is $721,219.58, which is below the engineer’s estimate of $850,398.64.

According to City Engineer Tom Collins, nine bids were received for the project, ranging from Midwest Asphalt Corporation’s low bid to a high bid of $846,539.70. The average bid was $745,379.59.

The overlay project will include some 6.4 miles of roads in Ham Lake.

Areas include the Bunker Lake Commercial Park, Constance Estates, Durant Street north of Crosstown Boulevard and East Lake Netta Drive from 166th Avenue to Crosstown Boulevard.

Also included in the project are Fox Run 2nd and 3rd as well as Fox Run 4th.

Gregor’s Estates Plat, Independent Estates Plat, Majestic Oaks Commercial Center and The Meadows are also on tap for overlay in 2013.

The Municipal State Aid (MSA) fund will pay for a portion of the overlay project on East Lake Netta Drive.

Kelly Johnson is at [email protected]