Union Looking Back for March 1, 2013

The high school debate

Thursday evening the high school literary societies debated the question of National Ownership of Railroads. The Acantheans had the affirmative and were represented by Raymond Lagerson, Amos Shaw and Reginald Graham; while the Ben Trovato, upholding the negative, were represented by Vincent Lawson, Malcom Lurton and Douglas Lurton. The judges’ decision was unanimously in favor of the negative.

The debating team for the year will be composed of Vincent Lawson, Malcom Lurton and Amos Shaw.

– 100 years ago, Feb. 26, 1913

Washington and Lincoln HS program

Friday afternoon, Washington and Lincoln programs were presented at the high school under the direction of Principal R. B. Heinemann.

Participating in the program were Miss Francess Ann Vick, who gave an historical sketch of the life of George Washington; Dorothy Lee, who read an appreciation “Washington, the Man”; Warren Cleator, a review of the “Life of Abraham Lincoln” and Clyde Joslyn, who read “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.”

– 75 years ago, Feb. 24, 1938

Grow changes mind on county board salary proposal

The Grow township board Monday rescinded a resolution passed earlier objecting to a proposed increase in the salaries of the Anoka county commissioners.

The board changed their minds, Chairman Hollis Van Alstine said, after they had been presented more information on the matter.

A petition objecting to the increase has been circulated in the northern part of the county.

– 50 years ago, Feb. 22, 1963

Ramsey man has new roads to conquer

Doctors several years ago advised John and Linda Lawrence of Ramsey not to allow their young son Nigel to actively participate in sports, especially in a wheelchair.

That advice was considered and rejected and they encouraged their son to become active so he could be as independent as possible.

– 25 years ago, Feb. 26, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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