East Bethel plans review, fix of problematic ordinances

Several of East Bethel’s city ordinances need correcting or revising and the East Bethel City Council voted Jan. 23 to do something about it.

The council appointed Councilmembers Heidi Moegerle and Tom Ronning to work on a committee with City Administrator Jack Davis and Community Development Director Colleen Winter to review the ordinances in question and bring their recommendations for changes to the full city council by Feb. 20.

Davis said there are some “very glaring mistakes” in some of the city’s ordinances.

Among the ordinances that need correcting or revisions for consistency are the city administrator ordinance, home occupation ordinance, sign ordinance, ethics ordinance and liquor license ordinance.

For example, recently the council was faced with a request to refund a portion of the cost of a liquor license fee because the license holder had been forced to close his business due to illness.

While trying to make a decision on the request, the city found that its liquor license ordinance needed to be clarified and be more specific regarding which circumstances that would qualify for a refund.