Coon Rapids man accused of taping young boys changing at YMCAs

A 53-year-old Coon Rapids man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly video taping and photographing young boys changing in locker rooms at two local YMCAs.

He is being held in the Anoka County Jail on probable cause interference with privacy and possession of child pornography, both felonies.

According to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office, a 12-year-old boy reported to his parents Feb. 24 that he saw an adult man hold a watch over a partition in an area where he was getting dressed at the Andover YMCA. The incident was reported to Andover YMCA staff and the sheriff’s office.

Authorities executed a search warrant March 2 at the suspect’s home and found a wrist watch that had digital video and photo capabilities near a computer, according to the sheriff’s office.

There were allegedly numerous files that depicted young boys in various states of undress at the Andover YMCA and Emma B. Howe Coon Rapids YMCA and at least one other unknown facility, along with a quantity of other child pornography that authorities do not believe was produced by him.

This data was recovered from the computer during a second search warrant, according to the sheriff’s office.

ABC Newspapers will name the suspect if he is charged, which could come before noon Tuesday, March 5.

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