District 16 releases timeline for classroom additions

Spring Lake Park School District 16 anticipates getting a green light some time this week from the Minnesota Department of Education for the district’s request to add classrooms to Park Terrace and Northpoint elementary schools.

Superintendent Jeff Ronneberg said in a Feb. 26 school board work session, the district was awaiting word of review and comments on its application submitted to the state.

Ronneberg presented a timeline for the anticipated construction process at the meeting. The project calls for 10 more classrooms to be built at Park Terrace and six additional classrooms at Northpoint. Park Terrace’s lunchroom will also undergo an expansion.

The additional classrooms and expansion are in answer to space needs for the district’s growing enrollment, estimated to increase by about 20 percent in the next eight to 10 years. That means the projected enrollment in less than a decade would increase to about 6,400 students.

For construction purposes, the Park Terrace office will temporarily close June 10. Park Terrace summer school will be held at Woodcrest Elementary.


After approval is granted by MDE, the bidding will begin, Ronneberg said.

In Phase I, May 6 through June 9, the construction process will start.

Work will not take place inside the schools before school is finished for the 2012-13 school year.

Temporary fencing will be installed and construction equipment will be moved on site the last week in April.

A road around the back of Northpoint will need to be moved back, Ronneberg said.

In Phase 2, June 10 through Aug. 9, site work and limited work inside the schools, such as adding connection pipes and wires, will begin.

Work on Park Terrace’s new playground will start the end of July.

Ronneberg emphasized that little construction will be done on the inside of the schools.

“They’re not remodeling any classrooms,” he said.

Substantial completion of the construction projects is slated for Aug. 9.

Construction is projected to be finished Aug. 19.

Projected costs for construction at Park Terrace and Northpoint are estimated at $5.8 million.

Two million dollars would come from remaining funds from existing bond proceeds authorized by voters in a 2006 referendum for construction and renovations. A total of $3.8 million would be paid from lease purchase.

The district’s goal is to keep the lease levy at or near its current level. The administration continues to review existing obligations to minimize taxpayer impact and to position the district for future facility and capital needs, according to an earlier report.

For more information on the construction, visit District 16’s website at www.springlakeparkschools.org.

Elyse Kaner is at [email protected]