District 15 board approves final 2011-2013 employee contracts

The St. Francis District 15 School Board has approved its final two 2011-2013 employee contracts.

The office professionals and the instructional program supervisors contracts were approved unanimously Feb. 28 by the board.

The office professionals approved their contract by a 16-14 vote.

In the contract, the office professionals received a 25-cent wage increase just for 2012-2013, but they had to give up two of their sick days, said David Lindberg, district human resources director.

Rather than receiving 15 sick days a year, the office professionals now have 13, he said.

The contract also changed how much sick leave the office professionals could accrue.

Prior contracts limited the sick leave to 260 days, but under the new contract staff has an unlimited accrual of sick days, Lindberg said.

They also received a $5,000 health care savings payment when they retire, an increase of $2,500.

The contract expires June 30 this year.


The three instructional program supervisors, which include the managers for Transition 15, preschool and special education preschool, also approved their contract on a 2-0 vote with one abstention.

The new contract brings the supervisors in line with the school principals, said Lindberg.

The biggest changes are to the district insurance contribution and retirement benefits, he said.

For families, the district contribution has increased by approximately $286 a month, according to Lindberg.

It is hard to give the exact contribution amount as the district is still trying to figure out the ramifications of the Affordable Care Act on district contracts, he said.

The new contract has also added a $1,000 career service payment for each year of service, up to a maximum of $30,000 toward the supervisor’s health care saving plan after retirement.

This does not go into effect until the 2014 school year, Lindberg said.

The contract also eliminated the maximum 260 sick day accumulation.

The supervisors can now accumulate an unlimited number of sick days, Lindberg said.

The contract expires June 30 this year.

Tammy Sakry is at tammy.sakry@ecm-inc.com