Coon Rapids contract with Mediation Services

The city of Coon Rapids will continue to provide funding to Mediation Services for Anoka County.

The Coon Rapids City Council has approved continuing its service agreement with Mediation Services for Anoka in the amount of $6,762.

According to Police Chief Brad Wise, Mediation Services for Anoka County has provided conflict resolution services to Coon Rapids residents through its use of highly trained mediators.

The city has paid Mediation Services for Anoka County for these services over the last several years at a cost ranging from $6,500 to $7,011 a year, Wise wrote in a report to the council.

“This has been money well spent as among the programs it provides are direct interventions into neighborhood problems with the goal of finding long-term solutions,” he wrote.

“These solutions often prevent the continuing expenditure of public safety and legal budgets on quality of life issues where criminal charges may ultimately not be terribly effective.”

According to Wise, Mediation Services for Anoka County also offers peaceful alternative classes to community youth and facilitates restorative justice programs for victims of juvenile crimes.

“Both of these programs can be effective interventions for correcting the behavior of youth to lessen the chance they become adult offenders,” Wise wrote.

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