Life Looking Back for March 8, 2013

‘Bengal Tigers’ is school mascot

Elliott Perovich, principal of Blaine Senior High School, announces the name of the school mascot: BENGAL TIGERS.

“A Bengal Tiger is an aggressive, hungry and ferocious animal,” he said. “In addition to these inner drives it possesses tremendous physical attributes of power, grace and agility. One Chinese philosophy implies that the heart of a Bengal Tiger depicts the ultimate in courage and strength. Now that we have established a characterization of the mascot, what hidden or intangible meaning does this mascot infer?”

– 40 years ago, Feb. 23, 1973

SLP council discusses road

Lengthy discussion surfaced at the Spring Lake Park City Council meeting Tuesday over items concerning the Osborne Road Improvement, the problem of traffic along University Drive and the need for wastewater management.

The council addressed the unfinished business of whether the council would enter into an agreement that would allow for a bikeway-walkway along Osborne Road and the improvement of the road itself.

– 30 years ago, Feb. 25, 1983

Celebrating books

Paw prints lined the hallways, a testament to student achievement at Park Terrace Elementary School.

As “I Love to Read Month” comes to a close, the paw prints are a reminder of the importance of reading. Each paw represents five books completed by a student.

While there were special activities all month long for the students, Feb. 22 was a special night for the entire family. Among the activities were book bingo, storytelling, paintathon, ice cream social and book exchange.

– 20 years ago, Feb. 26, 1993

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

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