Union Looking Back for March 15, 2013

Stuffed bird is valuable

Before the Civil War Albert Woodbury bought in St. Paul a case of mounted birds, the work of an expert Taxidermist. He brought the case to Anoka, and it was in the Woodbury home for years. It was presented to the Anoka public library some years ago and given a prominent place there.

It develops that in that collection is a specimen that is worth today a great deal of money. It is a wild pigeon. When the case was first purchased, no attention was given so common a bird.

– 100 years ago, March 12, 1913

Music student in town

Miss Hannah Sell, daughter of Mrs. Minnie Sell of Anoka, has been doing practice teaching in the music department of the Anoka high school.

Miss Sell, a senior at Gustavus Adolphus college, Northfield, has received training in organ, piano and voice at the college. She has been a member of the college a capella choir, and is a member of the Delta Phi Omega sorority.

– 75 years ago, March 9, 1938

Offer rejected on city hall lot, GAR bid tabled

“No bids” were submitted for the old city hall property on Main street Monday although a “tentative offer” was rejected.

The city attorney ruled that a letter submitting a tentative offer from Anoka businessman Jack Solomon was not a bona fide bid.

Solomon contends that his offer was bona fide and says he intends to carry the matter further. Solomon claims he offered $50,000 for part of the property and had asked to negotiate on price for the rest of it.

– 50 years ago, March 8, 1963

Rum River library opens in Ramsey

The Rum River Branch of the Anoka County Library system received a warm welcome March 5, during its grand opening in the Rum River Plaza, Ramsey. Residents, with many children in tow, turned out in great numbers to the opening of the long-awaited library, which features a catalog of 20,000 books, records, magazines and video cassettes.

– 25 years ago, March 11, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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