Plan for Oak Grove corner

Oak Grove City Administrator Rick Juba told the council Feb. 25 that an Anoka County highway committee recommends stoplights at the corner of county roads 9 and 22, or Viking and Lake George boulevards, if and when the city decides it would want to replace the existing stop signs for traffic control.

At present costs, Oak Grove would owe about $125,000, to buy half of all signal equipment, while county dollars would cover right-of-way acquisition and any road work, Juba said. But a project at the corner is not a county priority, he added. “Without the city pushing for this, I don’t think this is going to happen any time in the near future,” he said.

Councilmembers disagreed on the impact that signal lights might have on improving safety, with Scott Lawrence saying he felt a change would be more for convenience.

Juba said that if the council should decide to move forward on a project in 2013, lights would be installed at county roads 9 and 22 in 2016 at the earliest. Among other options for the corner, Juba said the county committee had considered a roundabout, at which point last week Mayor Mark Korin and councilmembers responded as if Juba had used profanity.

  • Scott Wunderlich

    Oh, LORD!! I really hope that round-a-bout idea NEVER comes to fruition. They do nothing but induce road rage when they get busy. Stop Signs work as intended. Why wast more of [my] dollars on a road project that is counter productive?