Second man charged with alleged offenses at YMCA

Phone calls from the Anoka County Jail by an inmate have led to a second man being charged in Anoka County District Court for allegedly videotaping boys in a state of undress at the Andover YMCA as well as having child pornography on a home computer.

Christopher Michael Bradshaw
Christopher Michael Bradshaw

Christopher Michael Bradshaw, 47, Columbus, was arraigned in court March 22 on four felony counts – two each for interfering with privacy of a victim under 18 and possession of pornographic work involving minors.

Bail was set at $250,000 without conditions $100,000 with conditions, including having no contact with his children or the children in this case.

Bradshaw, who has posted bail, is due back in court April 18.

The phone calls in question were allegedly made to Bradshaw by Robert Dennis Minor, 53, Coon Rapids, who was charged in Anoka County District Court earlier this month with seven felonies – one stalking a person under the age of 18, four for possessing pornographic work involving minors and two for using minors in pornographic work – some of which related to him allegedly taping young boys changing in the Andover YMCA locker room.

According to the complaint, Anoka County Sheriff’s deputies listened to phone calls made by Minor while in jail and several were placed to a number, which an Internet search led to a business website, Independent Security Solutions Inc. in Columbus, where the phone number was listed as the cell phone for “Chris Bradshaw.”

March 20, investigators again reviewed videos using an iPhone that had been identified by forensic analysis of Minor’s computer and had February 2013 date stamps.

Several of the videos and images dated Feb. 3 were allegedly in a folder and were labeled with two specific names with the videos produced by the iPhone stored in one of the identified folders.

Investigators allegedly focused on one video and after reviewing it at frame by frame speed, concluded that the locker room shown on the video was consistent with the Andover YMCA locker room.

According to the complaint, the video begins to record as the camera is placed inside a locker by a hand, which when pulled away shows a male naked from the waist down.

As the man steps away, two boys, ages about eight to 10, are changing and at one point are allegedly totally nude in the view of the camera.

The man was allegedly visible in some of the frames and his features were allegedly consistent with the Internet photo of Bradshaw.

The YMCA allegedly confirmed that Bradshaw and his family are members and a review of the guest log shows that Bradshaw was at the Andover YMCA Feb. 3 with his son and two guest passes.

One of the guests that Bradshaw signed in had the same name that was on the computer folder on which the iPhone video was stored on one of Minor’s computers, according to the complaint.

During execution of a search warrant at Bradshaw’s home, the identity of two boys, one age 8 and the other 10, in the video was obtained and they were interviewed separately with their parents’ consent.

Neither was allegedly aware that anyone was taking pictures or videotaping them changing their clothes after swimming in the YMCA pool, they allegedly told investigators.

A forensic examination of the computers seized in the search of Bradshaw’s home, allegedly revealed several hundred images that would be classified as child pornography located in a thumbnail cache under the user profile of “Chris” on a computer in Bradshaw’s detached garage office.

According to the complaint, thumbnails are a reduced sized version of pictures that have been displayed on the computer, which means that the images of child pornography were viewed on the computer.

“This case is particularly disturbing because it allegedly involves a violation of trust by the victims and their parents,” said Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo.

“It appears that Bradshaw not only took advantage of the situation, he helped create it.”

The investigation is continuing, according to Palumbo.

According to court records, Bradshaw has a prior criminal history – lewd and lascivious conduct in March 1994 in Cook County and a conviction for first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a victim under 13 in 1997 in Hennepin County.

In that case, a 120-month prison sentence was stayed and Bradshaw was given jail time and placed on probation for 15 years, which ended Oct. 29, 2012, court records show.

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