Union Looking Back for March 29, 2013

Personal and social

Miss Alice Matson spent Saturday in Minneapolis.

Mrs. E. S. Sheley spent Wednesday in Minneapolis.

H. W. Plummer was in Minneapolis, Wednesday.

James Lemon had business in Minneapolis, Wednesday.

Webster Sherwood was home from Coon Creek, Sunday.

Mrs. Robert Richardson was taken very ill Sunday morning.

– 100 years ago, March 26, 1913

Petition to alter golf course name

The following statement was handed the Union for publication by C. J. Champion, secretary of the Commercial club:

At the request of many Anoka citizens, the Anoka Commercial club has agreed to instigate a petition to the city council to change the name of Green Have, Anoka recreation community center, to “Anoka Municipal Country Club.”

– 75 years ago, March 23, 1938

City to consider rules for service stations

The City Commission Monday tabled a service station building permit at Pleasant and Ferry st. until the area is rezoned and an ordinance regulating service stations is considered.

Service station operator Ralph William asked for the permit in December. Home owners in the R-H zone area objected and the matter given further study. Both planning and zoning commission gave their approval for the permit, under the present R-H zoning.

– 50 years ago, March 22, 1963

District 15 teachers adopt new contract

The St. Francis School Board unanimously ratified a new contract between Independent School District 15 and the St. Francis Federation of Teachers, Local 1977, thus ending almost nine months of negotiations.

The two sides finalized a tentative agreement March 15, and the Board’s ratification, which took place in a special meeting Monday night, marked the final step in the negotiating process.

– 25 years ago, March 25, 1988

• Compiled by Kelly Johnson

Editor’s note: “Looking Back” is reprinted exactly as the items first appeared.

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