Keep up this summer

For the second year, Anoka-Hennepin School District’s summer virtual learning will be offering summer math and reading activity sessions to students entering grades seven, eight and nine this fall.

Last year 660 incoming seventh-graders, approximately 40 percent, participated in the program (piloted only to incoming seventh-graders).

The results from last year’s program were overwhelmingly positive. Participating students scored significantly higher on assessment tests in the fall (2012) than earlier in the spring (2012), essentially maintaining their academic gains.

During summer virtual learning, students work for five weeks on daily 45-minute math and reading activities on their own. A licensed Anoka-Hennepin teacher is available to answer questions once a week.

To ensure that each student’s varying academic needs are met, teachers individually monitor and adjust lessons based on each student’s progress.

Access to a computer with Internet service is required to take part in the program.

Middle school computer labs will be open once a week for students without this resource, otherwise local public libraries may be an option.

Registration for summer virtual learning began March 15. The program runs from June 17 through July 19.

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