Dist. 15 makes vote public

To make sure it was in compliance with the state open meeting law, the St. Francis School District 15 Board has revised its minutes from its Feb. 20 special meeting.

The board March 25 voted 5-0 to revise the board minutes to include the ballots and how each board member ranked the six candidates to fill the vacancy left by the ouster of Matt Rustad for plagiarism.

Boardmember Harry Grams was absent and David Roberts abstained from voting.

Roberts was appointed Feb. 20 to fill the vacancy until the November 2013 school board elections.

The board revised the minutes after Boardmember Marsha Van Denburgh questioned if the board had violated the law by not making how each board member voted public at the March 11 school board meeting.

In the initial count, Roberts received three number one votes and Juanita Reed-Boniface received two.

In total, Roberts received a total of four votes from board members ranking him as their top or second choice.

Reed-Boniface only received three votes putting her at the top or second choice of the board members.

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  • Bill

    Here we go again, as the district is trying to cover their back sides by making the ballots public over a month after the vote.
    They were required to voice their vote on the night of the special meeting, but as usual they don’t want the public to know how they voted. By the way it was not a secret ballot as they were numbered 1-6 and the administration knew which ballot went to each school board member.