Speeders targeted by law enforcement

In a coordinated effort to reduce speeding, the No. 1 reported cause of traffic fatalities, officers and deputies from Anoka County law enforcement agencies ticketed 305 motorists for speeding during a stepped-up speeding enforcement week March 18-25.

The campaign was coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety.

Unsafe and illegal speed is the most commonly reported contributing factor in fatal crashes and from 2008-2011, speed was a contributing factor in nine fatalities in Anoka County and 254 traffic deaths statewide, according to Sgt. Jeff Warner, Anoka County TZD (Toward Zero Deaths) coordinator.

In Anoka County, an average speeding citation for 10 mph over the limit is $125, while motorists stopped at 20 mph over the speed limit face double the fine and those ticketed traveling more than 100 mph can lose their license for six months, Warner said in a press release.

“Driving at unsafe speeds puts everyone on the road at risk and our role is to stop those drivers before they cause a serious crash,” he said.

“When you follow the posted speed, you can avoid a crash and avoid meeting an officer on the side of the road.”

Participating agencies in  the county included the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and the police departments of Anoka, Blaine, Centennial Lakes, Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, Fridley, Lino Lakes, Ramsey, Spring Lake Park and St. Francis.

Law enforcement agencies in the county will be conducting “speed weeks” with extra speed enforcement and education efforts, through Sept. 30 as part of the state’s TZD traffic safety initiative, which focuses on four areas to reduce crashes – education, enforcement, engineering and emergency trauma response.

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