Ramsey introduces new 24-hour online request program for residents

Have a burning questions in the middle of the night for Ramsey City Hall? With the new Citizens Request Management (CRM) system, residents can ask questions or make a request any time of the day.

The new program was introduced on the city’s website, http://www.ci.ramsey.mn.us/, March 19, said Patrick Brama, city administrator’s assistant.

Because it is a 24-hour system, it will help the city provide a higher level of customer service, he said.

Getting the system ready for customer questions took staff nearly eight months.

Each department developed request forms, created the answers for frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as other useful information for the system, Brama said.

Among the things, residents can find on the CRM’s FAQs include what needs a permit, what are the allowable constructions hours, utility bill information and where overnight parking is allowed.

The system’s FAQs allow residents to get their answers right away or ask a question that is not listed, Brama said.

With the new system, residents can report potholes and the public works crew has the capability to get the message while working in the field, he said.

“The CRM will make things more efficient for both the residents as well as the staff,” Brama said.

Using the CRM system will also allow residents to track their request and allow staff to see what actions have been taken on the requests, he said.

The city will also use the information collected by the requests and questions for data analysis to determine what services need to be improved, he said.

Using the CRM system will also streamline how the city functions.

“The city will now be using one software program rather than several, which will save money,” Brama said.

“This will be an effective tool,” said City Administrator Kurt Ulrich.

“Public works likes it when the public lets them know where the potholes are.”

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]