SLP approves purchase of boom truck

Spring Lake Park is adding an aerial truck to its fleet.

The public works department received unanimous approval from the Spring Lake Park City Council April 1 to purchase a 2005 Ford F550 with a boom, former used by Xcel Energy, for $24,000.

Councilmember Bill Nash was absent.

The truck has 144,000 miles on it and 193 hours on its boom, said Public Works Director Terry Randall.

The $24,000 to purchase the truck as well as to pay the taxes and license fees will come from the capital replacement and the utilities renewal and replacement funds.

According to Randall, the truck will be used to trim trees, access the roof tops of city buildings as well as change bulbs on city-owned street and signal lights.

The city used to hire an outside vendor to change the light bulbs, which cost $2,000 to $3,000 annually, he said.

Although the public works staff did some tree trimming, it was limited to what they could reach from the back of a pickup, Randall said.

The new truck will allow them to trim higher, he said.

It will also make changing light bulbs on city buildings safer because staff will be using the boom rather than a ladder, Randall said.

Tammy Sakry is at [email protected]