Letters to the editors for April 19, 2013

Successful day, event

To the Editor:

On March 16, the Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary held its eighth annual style show/luncheon/silent auction. We would like to thank everyone for coming and participating in our fund-raiser that helps to support our veterans, children and youth and community programs.

Thanks you also to all the volunteers for all your help. It took lots of miles and smiles to contact all the businesses and get all the donations. Without our Auxiliary, Post and Junior Auxiliary members giving of their time and talent – plus the donations made to the silent auction and making the pistachio cakes for dessert – we wouldn’t have had such a successful event.

Thank you Peter Bodley for coming and covering our style show and printing all of our events in the local paper. You do an excellent job.

Many thanks to Caribou Coffee for providing us with two containers of delicious, fresh brewed coffee. It was wonderful and the balloon bouquets by Balloons Galore & More sure added a festive flair.

Dress Barn and Maurice’s provided the clothing for our models. Please tell them and all of our businesses thank you for providing gift certificates or services to their establishments or products for us all to bid on and enjoy, and support them.

Businesses and friends who donated gifts were American Family Insurance Kathleen Poehl’s, Applebee’s Restaurant, Avon Donna McGregor, Avon Sandi Cotter, Balloons Galore, B.K. Restaurant, Bruegger’s Bagels, Caribou Coffee Coon Rapids, Carlson Toyota, Central Bank, Chanticlear Pizza, Coon Rapids American Legion 334, Coon Rapids Chrysler Jeep, Coon Rapids VFW 9625, Cub Foods Northdale Boulevard, Cub Foods Riverdale, Culver’s, Famous Dave’s BBQ, Fantastic Sam’s Ramsey, Fantastic Sam’s Coon Rapids, Forever Floral, $4 Car Wash, Gemini Goodyear Tires, Great Clips Hanson Boulevard, Great Clips Riverdale, Precision Tune Auto, Hi-Ten Service Center, Highway 10 Mobil, In The Mood Hair, Kids Kuts, Klein Bank, Lia Sophia Jewelry Heidi Sullivan, McCarthy GMC Auto, Noodles & Company, North County Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, Pappy’s Cafe, Perkins Anoka, Reliv International Pat Schreifels, Sammy Perrella’s Pizza, Sgt. John Rice VFW 6316, Sparky’s Restaurant, State Farm Insurance Julie Bolt, Texas Road House, Toni’s Flowers, ULTA 3 Hair Care, Wash-N-Fill Express Car Wash Blaine, Willey’s Bar & Grill.

Surely you all have made it a wonderful and successful day and event.

Diane Bohlman
Coon Rapids American Legion Auxiliary 334 public relations

Disastrous impact

To the Editor:

The mainstream press, Hollywood, colleges and the public schools have been the major forces driving the acceptance of same-sex marriage.

These culture-shaping institutions would lead one to believe that same-sex “marriage” is inevitable. And so people — driven by emotion and misplaced compassion — blindly follow, not looking down the road to see where this path will take our culture and what it will do to our children’s future. It’s time to look ahead before it’s too late.

In 2003 same-sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts. What followed should shake us and wake us to the disastrous impact this has had on public schools, businesses and churches in that state. This should be a warning to Minnesota.

Right after the 2003 ruling, schoolwide assemblies celebrated same-sex marriage. Students were given literature on how same-sex marriage is now a normal part of our society.

Within months the middle schools were hit with the gay propaganda and teachers began discussing gay sex with their students.

The following year the elementary school curricula contained pro-gay materials and story books. Parents who objected were the brunt of hostility and rejection.

In 2007 a federal judge ruled that because gay marriage was legal in Massachusetts, parents had no rights to object to the teaching of homosexual relationships in the classroom lessons.

School libraries radically changed and now include shelves of books that normalize homosexual behavior in the minds of kids — including explicit and even pornographic stories.

The complaints of parents are ignored.

“Gay days” in schools are now considered a necessity to fight “homophobia” and “intolerance.” These celebrations have moved beyond homosexual marriage to promoting cross-dressing and transsexuality to kids. As a result, more children in Massachusetts are taking up the “gay” label.

What about businesses? People can now get fired from their jobs for objecting (even on religious grounds) to same-sex marriage. The entire wedding industry must now serve homosexuals.

Some businesses are tested for tolerance by gay activists who go into restaurants and publicly kiss and fondle each other. The “tolerance violators” are then reported to the authorities with resulting fines and other means of punishment.

Churches have been harassed and Christians have been demonized and threatened. They often become the targets of homosexual activists.

These are just a few of the harmful outcomes that follow when same-sex marriage is legalized.

For more information on this topic, go to www.MassResistance.org. As you can see, once this gets a foothold in our state it will become a club to force acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle on everyone.

Is this what we want for Minnesota? Is this what you want for your children?

Stephanie Schroeder

No idea where she was from

To the Editor

I recently got back from a trip to Mexico. I flew to and from Mexico with a group of high school kids on their spring break.

On the way home, I asked some young lady if she was on a trip with her high school. She said, “Yes.”

I asked her where she was from. She said, Proctor and that they were traveling to Mexico for their senior class break.

I said I was from Minneapolis and asked her where Proctor was. She said, “Up north.” I said, “Oh, northeast, northwest or north central Minnesota.”

She said, “I have no idea.” I said, “Oh. What’s the biggest city near Proctor?” She said, “Cloquet. Do you know where that is?“ (for reference, Duluth is only a few miles away from Proctor. Cloquet is much farther).

I said, “Yes. That’s near the Iron Range of Northeast Minnesota.” She said, “Yeah. That’s where we’re from.”

This was a senior in public high school in Minnesota. She had no idea where she was from in the state, let alone the world.

How are we ever going to bridge the education gap we have with the rest of the world when we don’t even know where we are from?

Mark Jensen

Election in April

To the Editor:

An election in April?! That’s right, I recently received a mailing from our electric company, Connexus Energy, containing a ballot and online voting instructions for its board of directors election this month.

I happen to know that most of the current board members live in the northern part of Connexus’ service area. However, the part near me (in Anoka County) does not have equal board representation from our area.

That’s why I’m voting for Merle Tingelstad for the Connexus Board of Directors.

Mr. Tingelstad is a longtime community volunteer and business professional in our Anoka County communities.

He’ll be our voice on important technical and financial matters. And, I know that Mr. Tingelstad will work hard for us!

Scott Frost
Coon Rapids

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